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In 2020 it started as a hobby for Joost Spijkers. He bought a mobile phone via Marktplaats and with some minor adjustments, beautiful photos and a good story he was able to make a new owner happy. He traveled all over the Netherlands with his then 'free' public transport students in order to have enough left over to start a business.

When the pandemic was in full swing, Joost was faced with a choice. The catering industry, where he worked before, collapsed. He took a gamble and started his own webshop, with a pick-up location, in Amsterdam. The webshop gave him a bigger stage to make more customers happy with refurbished iPhones. Later in the year he will also add iPads to the range. A market analysis told him that there was little confidence in refurbished. While circular use should be the future!

Before & After

iApples - Before

iApples - Before - MobileiApples - Before - TabletiApples - Before - Desktop
iApples product archive - Before - MobileiApples product archive - Before - TabletiApples product archive - Before - Desktop
iApples product page - Before - MobileiApples product page - Before - TabletiApples product page - Before - Desktop

iApples - After

iApples - After - MobileiApples - After - TabletiApples - After - Desktop
iApples product archive - After - MobileiApples product archive - After - TabletiApples product archive - After - Desktop
iApples product page - After - MobileiApples product page - After - TabletiApples product page - After - Desktop